Dunlop SP VAN01


Light Trucks

Designed especially for vans — Dunlop SP VAN01 offers incredible durability, long mileage and enhanced handling on all types of roads and highways. Whether you drive a passenger minivan or a mini delivery truck, these tyres are perfect for all kinds of light commercial vehicles.


Technical Details

Why buy Dunlop SP VAN01?
SP VAN01 is a perfect match if you want to haul heavy items or want to carry lots of passengers as its tread is designed to offer excellent directional stability, braking performance and high level of grip on all kinds of roads. The wide and flat tread profile of SP VAN01 helps maximize traction and even wear and its optimally placed sidewall protection band enhances durability.

Features of Dunlop SP VAN01

  • Optimized rib distribution
  • Wide and flat tread profile
  • Optimally placed sidewall protection band
  • Sidewall flexibility

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