Filters that maintain a clean environment and pursue comfort

Filter elements remove metal powder and other impure substances from the oil that circulates inside the engine. Also, they remove dirt and dust from the air drawn into the vehicle, maintaining a clean environment.

Periodic replacement of filter elements is necessary to increase engine performance and fuel economy, reduce the possibility of oil deterioration, and prevent various troubles from occurring during driving.

We recommend that you use high-quality CWORKS products during periodic replacements for driver safety and to maintain the health of the vehicle.

Oil Filter

Oil filters remove impure substances or burning residue in the engine oil and maintains good fuel economy and high engine performance.

We recommend that you replace the oil and oil filter at the same time, as dirty oil accelerates engine wear.

Air Filter

Air filters play an important role in the remove of dust and dirt in the air drawn into the engine.

High-quality, nonwoven filter mediums are used to improve combustion efficiency and maximize engine performance. Also, they reduce emissions of harmful substances and achieve eco-friendly fuel economy.

Cabin Filter

Cabin air conditioner filters that block dust, pollen, viruses, bacteria, mould, etc., are effective deodorisers and keep the cabin air clean, achieving a pleasant cabin environment.

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