About Binter

Binter’s roots began as an independent tyre retailer in Singapore during the early 1950s. Based on the foresight and business acumen of Binter’s founders and management, Mr Lim Kim Pon and Mr Francis Lim. the business grew in size and stature. By the 1980s, Binter had moved up the supply chain and had become a major wholesaler in Singapore. Originally Binter’s core competence was focused on the domestic market.

However, Singapore’s mature market meant that in order for Binter to realise its full potential, additional sales channels from the regional market had to be sought. The country’s excellent logistical structure, favourable tax rates and high quality work force has given Binter the ability to establish a strong foundation in its’ business model. Currently our company has established a substantial presence in both domestic and regional markets. Singapore operates as Binter’s headquarters.

In recognition of Binter’s achievements, the company has been awarded the Enterprise 50 designation numerous times. Binter has grown from strength to strength and today is a leading tyre distributor in the industry.