About Toyota Tsusho

Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific aka TTAP is a full subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation in Japan which is general trading company and a group member of Toyota Motor Corporation. As a member of Toyota Group, we provide full range of value chain services to automotive related business as our major business domains. As the Toyota Group’s sole general trading company, we gather information and promote the development of new business from a global perspective.

As automotive professionals with unique capabilities and know-how, we strive to lead the Toyota Group in the challenge to develop the evolution of next-generation mobility to contribute to the development of both society and the Toyota Group.


The Automotive Division exports passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, material handling machineries, motorcycles, and spare parts manufactured primarily by the Toyota Group in Japan to countries around the world, and also exports products manufactured outside Japan to other countries. The Division’s global network covers 146 nations, with the Division having its own business management operations in 48 nations. (Including the vehicle business of the Africa Division, this total becomes 175 nations worldwide, with the Division having its own business management operations in 87 nations.)

In countries, primarily new emerging nations, where the Division already operates distributor businesses, it is establishing and expanding value chains and promoting small- and mediumscale vehicle assembly, vehicle installation and conversion, used vehicle sales, captive finance and lease, and other businesses related to automotive sales. The Division develops unique strengths by combining these businesses and functions.

The successful operation of multifaceted automotive sales business initiatives in many countries enables the Division to provide the additional functions of rapidly gathering information on political and economic trends, market trends, and consumer behavior in each country, and then provide feedback to the Company on marketing strategies and planning, as well as to automobile manufacturers on product development and production plans.

Expanding automotive sales networks in various countries around the world

Providing quality after-sales service by thoroughly training staff

Main Products & Services

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Buses
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Light vehicles
  • Automotive parts

Value Creation Business

Integrated Trilateral Sales Structure and Robust Sales Value Chain

The Automotive Division relies on its automotive distribution and dealership management as its core business. Here, the Division takes an integrated approach to the three operational pillars of sales, in which vehicle specifications are tailored to local business environments and needs, spare parts, and after-sales services, which are supported by technical training and staff development. At the same time, the Division builds and expands mobility sales value chains by developing peripheral businesses such as small- and medium-scale vehicle assembly, vehicle installation and conversion, used vehicle sales, and captive finance and lease. We are also actively expanding our activities in business fields that maximize mobility value for people and objects, including next-generation mobility.

Worldwide Operations and Regional Strategies

The Division is currently operating distributors, dealers, and other businesses in 48 nations (87 nations including the vehicle business of the Africa Division), mainly new emerging nations and other regions where societies are rapidly becoming motorized. We develop our operations by examining the needs of individual nations and regions as a whole, and by adopting optimal policies that meet the specific needs of each region. The regional headquarters are located in Africa, China, Asia, Oceania, Latin America and the Caribbean, and other regions. From these regional headquarters, the Division explores new markets and expands sales networks based on all-encompassing regional strategies. These strategies encompass product and branding strategies, including sales and marketing, and our functions to develop new businesses in order to construct and expand mobility sales value chains.

Fiscal 2019 Business Initiatives

To further establish the Toyota brand in Myanmar and contribute to the country’s economy, in June 2019 the Group acquired an equity stake in Toyota Myanmar Co., Ltd., a vehicle production company established by Toyota Motor Corporation, and began preparations for local production.