Turanza T005A offers an exceptionally comfortable driving experience for both short and long distance journeys. This flagship tire features variable pitch that reduces pattern noise and high-angle sipes that are fine-tuned to soften tire impact on the road leading to less road noise. In addition, the improved tire contact shape and reinforced sidewall help reduce vibrations. Through Bridgestone’s advanced tire technologies and various on-the-road tests, Turanza T005A is designed and developed to be equipped with an optimised contact shape that ensures consistent contact pressure on the road to reduce shock and impact noise for better comfort. Turanza T005A has also been improved at the molecular level, with Bridgestone introducing an exclusive Nano Pro-Tech™ compound for this Ire. The new compound is engineered to strengthen the bond between silica and polymer to increase the contact area, resulting in reduced heat generation and energy loss, leading to better wet performance and safety. Lastly, chamfering on the tire prevents deformation and ensures even contact with the road for improved braking performance.


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